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                    Marston, Quebec

Situated in the boundary mountains of the Eastern Townships where our family has been making maple syrup since 1973.

ANNA-SPRING,  harvesting wild rice.  

A passionate cross-country skier who insists on sleeping outside whenever possible .  Anna knows her landscapes through the tastes of the local plants.

ELIJAH, snowboarding near the boundary blaze

He is the little guy on the family label, now a solid 6'3''.  Elijah's our fastest tree tapper and fastest everything including fastest at gliding down hills on skis or a board. 

RUTHY, making fresh apple cider

The keeper of the home grown food productions, keeps us healthy and ready to survive another long winter.  She is a top advocate of the benefits of living close to nature and of animal husbandry.  

Ruthy has enjoyed many travel adventures with her bicycle stopping to help on organic farmsteads.

PAUL, out seeding his driving range.

Paul has been driving and delivering the maple syrup since day one.

MARTHA with muddy hands

Martha spent the last few winters building clay houses in the rain forest of Thailand.   

VISITOR HELPERS, eating maple syrup on the snow

We receive visitors from around to world join us to discover the mysteries of making maple syrup and of rural life in North America.  

QUINOA, our wonderful dog and companion.

Quinoa joins us while we work in the woods, taping trees or repairing lines. When the snow is deep he is happy to hitch a ride on the skidoo.

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